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Download the attached document. The document contains a brief history of the artist Joan Miro along with two sections of work. Complete the work and submit it for evaluation by the 20th of March 2009.










Stars in the sky:

The Starry Night is just one of several Van Gogh paintings that focus on the night sky. Now observe theĀ Starry Night, painted by Edvard Munch in 19th century. Compare the two paintings and answer the folllowing questions:

  1. What similarities and differences do you see in Munch and Van Gogh’s depictions of stars?
  2. What colors were used in the paintings?
  3. Both paintings are oil, how did each artist appear to have used the paint?
  4. In which painting is the landscape clearer?
  5. Create your own painting after analyzing these two iconic paintings. Observe how these artists have used colour and form to express their emotions.

Date of submission: Monday – 16th March 2009

Paleolithic Art

Paleolithic Art is art produced about 32,000 to 11,000 years ago, during the Stone Age. It falls into two main categories: portable pieces, such as small figurines or decorated objects, and cave art. The portable art was carved out of bone, antler, or stone, or modelled in clay. It has been found in much of Europe, in Northern Africa, and in Siberia. Cave art, discovered primarily in northern Spain and southern France, takes the form of paintings, drawings, and engravings on cave walls. A possible third category comprises pictures and symbols engraved on rock surfaces in the open air, but very little of this art has survived.

Go to the following link and read the complete article.

Download the attached documents and read them through. Answer the questions given at the end of each assignment.